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One Click Download of Absolutely Everything!

What this is and Why it exists

This says it all, really. This site was built as a place to share the stickers so that other people could download, use, and contribute even moar stickers.

Get Involved

The site now hosts its own media which can be accessed by the links above. However we are going to keep the Google Drive links active for a while, just in case.

This Link will take you to a Google Drive where you can download any of the curret sticker archive for printing on your own labels. You'll need to paste them into a template, but you can pick and choose which ones you want.

Alternatively, This Link will take you to the full sheets, which should be ready to run off on a standard 14 sticker address-label sheet

If you have sticker designs you would like added to the communal archive please take a look at the Contact Page.

A Note from "The Dev(s)"

Hi, this site is still undergoing construction. If you click a link and it's acting funny, please give it a few minutes and come back, we might have managed to break it even more, and that can be pretty entertaining.